Literature Module



  • Update for Module B Log for this year's 12th graders in 2021: 
    1. You can do either one summative assessment and one graded task OR two graded tasks. It is your choice.
    2. Each one is worth 40% for a total of 80% of the grade (the other 20% is the extensive reading). (posted October 2020)
  • If a student moves from 4 to 5 points or from 3 to 4 points, deduct 10 points from the grade on every text in the log that was studied and assessed at the lower level.  In addition, please note that every text that appears in the log must be on the approved list for the higher level (i.e., every text in a log that is submitted for 5 points must be on the list of approved texts for 5 points). (posted September 2020)
  • All literature grades for Modules B, D and F have to be submitted with the app of the Testing Department. (posted January 2020)

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