Back to School

Activities and ideas for going back to school

On Teaching

Educational beliefs and vision. Principles, goals, concepts, philosophy, and approaches to teaching

Oral Proficiency

Learners present ideas and information in an organized, planned manner in a variety of formats in spoken English on a wide range of topics.

Knowledge Management using Digital Tools

In order to incorporate digital pedagogy into your teaching, here is a collection of useful tools at your disposal

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Many apps today offer teachers unprecedented opportunities to engage their students using  Augmented and virtual reality

Grammar, Language and Lexis

Language learning is facilitated when pupils practice grammar, vocabulary and other language points in focused meaningful tasks.

WhatsApp in Education

Using WhatsApp for Educational Purposes.

Personal Learning Networks

Developing your own Personal Learning Networks (PLNs): Educators who build a powerful, personal learning network are connected educators with the means to grow and improve continuously

Listening Comprehension

Ability to access information in English from a variety of sources, and to make use of that information.

Reading Comprehension

Pupils are able to access information in English from written  texts from a wide range of printed and digital media and to make use of that information for a variety of purposes.

Special Days

Holidays, Festivals, Special Days, Days of Remembrance in Israel.

Written Presentation

Ability to express one's thoughts in writing in a clear, organized manner. 

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