The Pre-Foundation Level is usually achieved by either the end of third grade or by the first half of the fourth grade

Back to School

The first days of English classes at the beginning of the school year is an important time for teachers and students alike - it’s the time to learn all your students’ names, set the tone for your classroom, and make sure your students are ready to learn

High Holidays

Special content for the High Holidays. Here you can find digital resources including on line lessons, videos, music and websites for the High Holidays.

Literature: Charlotte's Web - Native Seakers

Charlotte's Web by E. B. White : A Story about Friendship

Story Writing

Learners present ideas and information in an organized, planned manner in a variety of formats
in spoken and written English on a wide range of topics, using print and digital media. One way learners can present their ideas in written English is story writing


This unit will focus on the vocabulary, stories and songs about animals


can-can't and must- mustn't


The subject of Family is being taught in all the grades of elementary school

Oral Proficiency

Learners in the foundation level present ideas and information in an organized, planned manner in a variety of formats in spoken English on a wide range of topics..

Writing Biographies - Native Speakers

The students will learn new vocabulary about TransporationIn this Unit you will find links to sites with information about how to teach your students about writing biographies. There are lesson plans, work pages and videos about writing biographies

Israel Independence Day

The activities are mostly focused on vocabulary and songs about Israel's Independence Day


Numbers should be a part of most EFL classes.The classroom activities should challenge your students to use English words for numbers, sometimes in conversation and sometimes in writing, and help solidify English numbers in their minds


Activities that are related to Shavuot

Jerusalem Day

Activities that are related to Jerusalem Day

נושאים נוספים